Prescott McCarthy

Prescott McCarthy

Artist & Designer

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About this Speaker

I am an artist, & designer.  I enjoy beautifying my surroundings, and discussing ways to change the world thru art and expression.  I believe that we are in the beginning stages of an artist revolution that will transform the world we live in. My Partner Mieka & I have been blessed with a beautiful baby daughter. This has put everything into a whole new perspective in the most wondrous & powerful way. I live in awe of every single day. Authenticity, Equality, Ecology
 These three words are the guiding compass of everything I do. And if I slip, I expect to be put in check. For we must take every step intentionally toward a level playing field of equality, and regenerative harmony with nature. Because there is no other option. To do any less than those three words ends in dire consequences. This world is our canvas and while we’re here lets make it beautiful. I explore wonder, curiosity, function, science, historical reverence, and storytelling in my work.  There are no confines of medium, or material. Location informs the work, often times creating it. An ode to the human experience. Often teetering a line between art, mythology, & spiritual ritual. I constantly traverse what it is to live, be, breathe, see, hear & think. My paintings & line work are a meditation of simplicity.
 My assemblage works are my need to find order in Chaos.
 My installations create environments for human connection, always with larger informed narratives that sometimes create the piece, and other times take years to discover. I have a fundamental belief that all Ideas are wanting to be birthed into this universe beyond our control. Each "Idea" is merely looking for a host to plant its seed and become tangible reality.  Therefore I am grateful to be a vessel of creative expression, and I release any notion that these ideas are mine, and mine alone. they come from a deeper well that we all pull from. This metaphor can be seen in many ways. I like a more playfully primal version where we are actually prey to the idea as stated in this poem: "a writer knows its words like a zebra knows its stripes...    
and in the brush, ideas lie... awaiting time to STRIKE"  The most exciting part for me is passing on knowledge to the next generation. In May of 2021 I will be graduating from the Institute of Intent. This has been my own self-taught schooling over the past 5 years with studies in: Art History, Science, Math, Architecture, Engineering, Human Design, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, & Astrology. My degree will be a Masters in Contemporary Folk Art, and I will be producing my Thesis Project in Summer 2021 that will be peer reviewed by many in the field of the arts. It will be in the form of a book outlining all that I have learned these past years, and what comes next.
This will make me the first official Graduate from the Institute of Intent, and we will then begin courses and open enrollment starting fall 2021 in the form of weekend classes, week long intensives, and guidelines for individual self-taught degrees.

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